Game Changer Grant

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Each year, the ABL Game Changer Grant awards up to $10,000 to schools in need!! The Game Changer Grant was created in order for us to fulfill our mission of changing the future for all children, More specifically

We focus on the "3L's"

The Last child in line at recess

The child Lost in the school system

The child Least likely to succeed

These funds are a chance for educators to join our mission and reach the children who need us the most. Thanks to research, we have found a way to increase children’s health, wellness, and education... through movement! If you are a supporter of our mission, and are interested in implementing Action Based Learning, Kinesthetic Classrooms, or Teacher Training at your school,  this is the grant for you!


2019 Grant Info


● Must be employed by an accredited preK-12 school or University located in the United States and Canada only.

 Must have signed letter of approval from school superintendent, principal or applicant's immediate supervisor supporting your project. 

● We are looking for applicants who focus on our "3L" Mission of serving the least, the last and the lost students in areas where there is a high need to serve our students.

How to Apply

● Download the grant outline here: Word Document Form

● Please read the requirements in detail prior to beginning the grant process, including the FAQ at the bottom of this page.

● Upon completion, proposals must be emailed to by May 15, 2019



Grant opens: February 15, 2019     

Deadline to submit proposal:  May 15, 2019

Winners Announced: June 2019


2018 Award Recipients

The Action Based Learning Board was truly inspired to see such passionate educators on a mission to impact their schools and communities. We received and reviewed hundreds of game changer proposals from all over the country; every single one of them pulled our heartstrings! 

Below is a list of schools we are honored to support in expanding on our 3L mission through Action Based Learning

A total of $42,500 was awarded last year:

North Little Rock School District, AR: Boone Park Elementary School: Jalynn McColey $2500

Duquesne City School District, PA: Duquesne Elementary School: Callie Flynn $2500

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, NC: Oakdale Elementary School : Margarette Snow $10,000 

NYC Schools: High School for Civil Rights, NY: Toni Leston $7500

Gratiot-Isabella RESD, MI:  Kinney School for the Severely Emotional Impaired Classroom: Nicole Griggs $5000

Henrico County Public Schools: Greenwood Elementary: Amy Coward $5000

McCracken Schools, KY: Concord Elementary: Bailey Wolfe $5000

Peoria Unified School District, AZ: Country Meadows Elementary: Lynn Foremny $5000

Reynolds School District, PA: Reynolds Elementary: Katie Mild $5000

Here's to all of the Game Changer's making a difference everyday!



Thank you for all those who submitted proposals for this years Game Changer Grant! 





Is this available to international customers?   USA and Canada Only

Which age groups qualify?     PreK- 12th, University (private, public, and charter qualify)

How do I obtain pricing for my wishlist?     Pricing List Can be downloaded here

I downloaded the above price list, but I want to view the products. All products and training eligible to be written into the grant are available on our online store here

Will you send the check to my school to turn into a purchase order? No, there is technically no exchange of funds. The amount awarded is automatically credited to your order, and the items you listed on your budget will be shipped to your school free of charge.

How many schools are awarded funding?  The number of schools varies based on submissions each year.  For those who applied, and were not listed above, here at Action Based Learning, we believe in second chances!  We want to extend our gratitude to you for going the extra mile to help your students. If you were not among the schools awarded funding, your proposal has been automatically entered into the second round of funding, which will be announced in the fall 2019. The second round winners will be listed on this page as well. Winners will be awarded up to $5000 for their classroom. Those eligible for round 2 of funding must have already submitted their proposal. We will not be accepting NEW proposals until next years Game Changer Grant. 

Where do I submit my proposal: **Please note: we do not accept submissions through FAX**