Changing the future for all children, by increasing their health, wellness and education through movement.



We create innovative and cutting edge products for children. 




We build passion and purpose. 


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We change the future for all children. 





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Our Story


Kidsfit began in a warehouse in 1999, with one man and a dream to change the world. He made it his life mission to change the future for all children.... through movement! He began by manufacturing and installing climbing walls in youth facilities and has now developed more than 300 different types of fitness products for children. By sticking close to our mission, Kidsfit has become the leading developer and manufacturer of youth equipment in the United States. We are proud to be a MADE IN THE USA   manufacturer, which allows our team to continually develop new products and transform to meet the needs of children across the world.

Our Mission

The goal of Kinesthetic classrooms and ABL labs being distributed and in use on 6 continents was achieved in 2017! We will now broaden our message of Action Based Learning to 75 countries across the globe by 2021!q

To reach the child LEAST likely to succeed, LAST in line and LOST in the system.


Impact 25 million student's lives through Kinesthetic Learning Spaces by 2021


Communicate - Innovate - Improve - Everyday


What We Do


Create Cutting Edge Classroom Environments 

Raise Test Scores, Improve Behavior, More Engaged, More Attentive Students

 Build Passion and Purpose, Set Schools Apart. We make good schools, great schools

Manufacture the Highest Quality Products - Rock Solid and Safe

Use Brain Research to create optimal learning environments

Product Lines


Youth Fitness Equipment

Custom Obstacle Courses

Kinesthetic Classroom Furniture

Action Based Learning Labs

Pediatric Rehab Products

Educational Trainings




Training Division

Kidsfit's training division provides workshops worldwide, for teachers of all levels, nurses, OTs, PTs, parents, administrators, curriculum developers, and youth program coordinators. Master Trainers present on the topic of Action Based Learning- brain research that supports the link of movement and physical activity to improved academic performance, improved behavior, and overall student health. 

Other training topics include the brain in poverty, sensory needs for the developing brain, reaching the 3L student, and linking PE to education.  Click here to find out more.