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Kids Fitness: Energizing Brain Breaks

Wed, Mar 28, 2012 @ 01:37 PM Posted by Megan Marie Design 3 Comments

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Brain Breaks are quick periods of time where students will be able to re-energize and re-focus their mind in the classroom. 

Here are 2 easy games to get your students engaged in learning!

"Gnarly Knees!"

1. Have all the students stand up and hold their ears with thir hands.

2. Instruct the students to touch their left knee with their right elbow.

3. Then have the students touch their right knee with their left elbow.

Repeat this series 4 times.


"The Tilt-a-Whirl!"

1. Have the students find a piece of paper or a notebook and stand up.

2. Have each student hold out their right hand and place the piece of paper on it.

3. Instruct students to move the paper around their waist while keeping it at a level height. They are not allowed to grab the paper.

4. Continue to keep the paper at eye level and move it so it travels all the way around the body. Repeat this 3 times. To make it more challenging try it faster. 


Try these Brain Breaks in the classroom when your students need to be energized and they will be re-focused and ready to learn in no time! 

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