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Active Play is the New Kids Fitness

Thu, May 03, 2012 @ 12:04 PM Posted by Ed Pinney Design 0 Comments
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Kids fitness is active play! More importantly, kids fitness is active play fueled by an active imagination. Think about it: When we were young, we left home to play with neighborhood kids in the morning and didnt come home until late in the afternoon. What were we doing all day? Getting (or keeping) fit! Climbing trees, playing kick the can, building dams down at the creek, scrambling over and under rocks looking for the best hiding place, hopping through the hop scotch maze, escaping from the threat of incoming water balloons and racing to first base during a kickball game.
Contrast to today's youth: Video games, TV, endless movies, internet exploring, text messaging, facebooking, tweeting and yes even more video games. It adds up to inactive play! The point is, we as youth fitness professionals need to promote active play and self-imagination to the children we serve. While there is definately room for technology to aid in the advancement of children's health and fitness, it should be part of the stick that holds the carrot, not the carrot itself. The carrot that should lead kids to active, healthy lifestlyes is the child's imagination.
So what is our role as fitness enthusiasts? What can we do to help this process? The answer lies in bringing active play where students need it the most and where they will benefit the most. By giving them the opportunity to do what they do best, we can create an environment where they thrive. This means allowing them to move in the classroom and to exert energy while simultaneously learning. It means allowing them to write, practice math facts, and learn while their legs and arms are free to move. When the body is in motion it activates neurons that stimulate learning, retention and focus, which in turn leads to better test results and more engaged students.  For More Information on Kinesthetic Classrooms click here!
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