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Indoor Climbing Walls: The Benefits for Today's Youth

Tue, May 08, 2012 @ 09:54 AM Posted by Kidsfit Blog Design 4 Comments
Climbing Wall
Indoor Climbing is a challenging, purposeful activity for all ages! Not only does it push the cardiovascular system, it challenges the participant's sequencing skills, executive functioning, and problem solving skills. Benefits of rock climbing include building trust and teamwork, increasing physical stamina, and strengthening bonds with peers. 
One of the great things about rock climbing is that anyone can do it. Whether it is your first time climbing or you are a pro, there is always a diverse selection of indoor climbing walls to fit the needs of every individual. Indoor rock climbing is more unique than other exercise routines since it allows users to be constantly mentally stimulated during physical exertion. It challenges the brain to make quick decisions and utilizes the participant's problem solving skills under pressure. It is a great way to get the brain functioning at high capacity, and enhance the fitness experience.
Another benefit of Indoor Rock Climbing is building trust and teamwork amongst peers. When you are placed in a situation where every decision counts, you can rely on those around you for guidance as to where to move your foot and how to scale the wall. As you move up the wall and listen to those around you to make the best move, it builds a sense of comradery and trust. Teamwork is a crucial factor in sports and learning to work together with others is a great skill that will benefit all, both in sports and in building life skills.
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