680E Elementary Rower

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This heavy duty rowing machine duplicates the exciting feel of Olympic rowing. The smooth, rhythmic, impact free motion makes it easy and fun for children to work all the major muscle groups through a very wide range of motion - thus enabling them to increase and maintain flexibility! Specially designed onboard computer which prompts kids to acknowledge their calories, heart rate, speed, time and distance. (We have even incorporated a Kids Fitness Test!) The key function of the rower is our safety adjustment system - It includes a back stop, so if the back is arched and child is using improper form, the system will not allow the child to go any further until form is corrected. This prevents injuries and improper use, while simultaneously teaching the child the correct form to use while rowing. 

Manufacturing Details:

Dimensions: L=82" W=24" HT=42" WT=95lbs Product weight: 95lbs Weight limit: 200lbs  The patent pending support system promotes good rowing form by locking the rower down if child over arches the back- see rower comparison Rower_Comparison-2-1 User Manual

Cardio Kids Rower