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The Benefits of Active Play For Toddlers

Physical activity in babies, toddlers and preschoolers brings physical benefits such as increased muscle strength, coordination and bone density. Along with obvious exercise benefits, these  activities can boost physical wellbeing later in life by reducing the risk of injury and diseases like osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease - so it's important to encourage your toddler into active play early.

Not only that, the confidence that active play teaches in gross motor movements leaves toddlers free to enjoy, and challenge themselves in, physical activity both now and long into adulthood.

Guidelines from the National Association for Sport and Activity suggest toddlers and pre-schoolers should engage in two hours of physical activity and active play every day, and that no child should be inactive for more than one hour at a time (unless, of course, they are sleeping).

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  • This mini climbing wall is perfect for younger users as it allows them to climb at various angles. Bright and colorful hand grips and foot holds aid in balance and fun! Shipping Weight: 175 lbs.
  • The Home Balance Beam allows children to use their core muscles to improve balance and agility while walking forward and even backward, for more accelerated users. Plastic hoop obstacles mount into the side holes for an added challenge. (Not shown). (L=72” W=24” HT=10” WT=85lbs.)
  • Commercial Quality for the home! Creating different path combinations of the water-lily system can help children cultivate spatial concepts and improve their action planning and problem solving skills.
  • Pictured here is the Deluxe 4 sided house. It is a kids dream! With Slide, elevated ramp with rungs, climbing board panel and ball drop there is no end to the fun inside this whimsical play house
  • The Home Bikes are specifically designed for children in grades 1 through 7. Built for home use applications it can handle children of any weight! The computer and magnetic tension system are simple to use and provide feedback for calories, time, speed & distance. The computer accurately displays the heart rate of the user through contact heart rate sensors located on the machines handles. (L=42
  • The wavy tactile path can be arranged into curvy or linear patterns. Get ready to practice balance control for the left and right as well as front to back. The tactile path offers a superb tactile sensory experience for children. Includes 8 pcs.
  • This treadmill is a favoritewith children and parents! (8+). This unit comes with all the bells and whistles to help motivate children to be active and fit. Safety side handrails and a children's computer readout are standard.The 2.5HP motor and extra wide running belt make this treadmill great for adults too! (up to 225lbs.)L=78
  • This 2 panel climbing wall is designed for easy at home installation. Comes complete with brightly colored holds. Panels are 4ʼ wide and 7ʼ high. The total climbing area is 8ʼ long x 7ʼ high. Installation is required. Shipping Weight: 215lbs.