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How Children Develop a SENSE OF HUMOR!

Wed, May 03, 2017 @ 09:57 AM Posted by Kidsfit Blog Design 0 Comments

Paige Davis Lecturer of Psychology, University of Huddersfield Try a pun or some sarcasm on a toddler and you’re likely to draw a blank stare. Babies can be even harder to impress – ignoring your best clown impressions while laughing at some completely random event. Of course, children aren’t comple...

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Topics: kids brain, focusing on the whole child, child development, developing brain

The new way schools are addressing student stress and childhood trauma- and its working!

Wed, Apr 26, 2017 @ 12:03 PM Posted by Kidsfit Blog Design 0 Comments

This article is part of Michigan Nightlight, a series of stories about the programs and people that positively impact the lives of Michigan kids. It is made possible with funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Read more in the series here. See Below for source information, for full story, visit: ...

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Topics: childhood trauma, stress, coping mechanisms, relationships, focusing on the whole child, teaaching skills, classroom management