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The Importance of LISS

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It's a celebration.

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How Children Develop a SENSE OF HUMOR!

Why is Mindfulness so important for children? How do we teach Mindfulness?

The new way schools are addressing student stress and childhood trauma- and its working!

Study Shows Inactive Teens- Weak Bones

Kids exercise bodies, minds with innovative active learning labs


John Ratey Delivers Game Changing Speech for Educators

It's that easy- Just Standing helps kids slim down! Rueters Health Study

Making Knowledge Stick

St. Gregory School found new program helps with behavior, learning

Fat Shaming Begins in First Grade

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The Benefits of Movement in Schools

'Standing Desks' in Classrooms May Kickstart Kids' Activity

Most Teens' Physical Activity Occurs at School

What Is Kinesthetic Learning?

Why So Many Kids Can’t Sit Still In School Today

Kinesthetic Table in Bethel County School District

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100 Worst Performing Public Schools In The Country

Ringing in the New Year!

Oakridge - Kinesthetic Classrooms

Why Exercise Desks Could Help Children Learn

The Effects of Active Play

How Exercise Can Transform our Schools

Sitting too much, not just lack of exercise, is detrimental to cardiovascular health

Youth Development

Cardio Kids Rowing Can Help ADD/ADHD Students

Physical Activity Safety Tips For Kids


Indoor Climbing Walls: The Benefits for Today's Youth

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Active Play is the New Kids Fitness

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The Benefits of Kids Fitness