709 Elementary Big Foot Motorized Treadmill



This treadmill is a favorite with children of all ages! (7+) The 3.5 horse power motor combined with steel reinforced running frame, provides facility operators the ability to work with children up to 300lbs. This unit comes with all the bells and whistles to help motivate children to be active and fit. Safety side handrails and a children's computer readout are standard. Includes emergency cut-offs for safety. This is specifically sized for children, and recommended for walking.

Manufacturing Details:

Speed range: .5mph  (stroll) 3.0mph (fast walk) 3.5mph (jogging begins) 

Product weights: 265lbs

Weight limit: 300lbs

Product dimensions: L=79.9" W=34.8" HT=52.7"

Colors may vary

Spec Sheet

Purchased Before Jan 1 2015:

User Manual Treadmill

Purchased After Jan 1 2015:

User Manual Treadmill