The Kneel N Spin Desk


The twisting motion is a common natural movement among the younger children, with or without these desks! The smooth spinning of the seat pad allows the student to acheive a level of control over their learning environment - which makes the student more comfortable and ready to learn. 

Model Description Weight Product Dimensions Tabletop Dims Shape Target Age User Weight Limit Adjustability
KC-28 Single Person 55lbs 40"x30" x 35-45" 18"x28" Rectangle K-4th Grade  250lbs  Tabletop
KC-29 Two Person 120lbs 54"x30"x35-45" 22" x54" Rectangle K-4th Grade   250lbs  Tabletop
KC-30 Three Person 175lbs 120"x30"x35-45" 22x80" Rectangle K-4th Grade   250lbs  Tabletop
KC-33 Three Person 200lbs 69"x69"x35-45" 36" Round Round K-4th Grade   250lbs  Tabletop
KC-60 Five Person 265lbs 113" x 59" 35-45"   Half Moon K-4th Grade 250lbs Tabletop