The Balance Desk 


What are the benefits of the balance desk?

 The balance desk is simple to use while engaging students with purposeful movements. Students use flexion and extension to propel the balance board forward and backwards while engaging in classwork on the large built in desk. The simplicity of the movement is what makes this one of the most popular among the students. The balance desk promotes a fundamental process to learning, crossing the midline 

 Why is crossing the body's midline important?

Crossing the body midline is an important developmental skill needed for many everyday tasks such as writing, reaching towards your foot to put on a shoe and sock with both hands and hitting a ball with a bat. When your child spontaneously crosses the midline with the dominant hand, then the dominant hand is going to get the practice that it needs to develop good fine motor skills. If your child avoids crossing the midline,  learning to write will be much more difficult as they will have two less skilled hands rather than one stronger, more skilled hand. Difficulty crossing the midline also makes it difficult to track a moving object from one side to the other or track from left to right when reading, meaning reading can also be delayed. 

Product Specifications:

Weight Limit: 250lbs Dimensions: L 24” x W 30” x H 35"-44" Product Weight: 75lbs
Available in 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 person desk Ages available in Elementary, Middle School, and High School sizes  Recommended for grades 2nd grade-high school