To people like you and I, the Kinesthetic Classroom represents our passion for keeping our children healthy. We understand the importance of physical activity and the improvement it brings to all areas of life. We want to partner with you to not just teach physical education, but to CREATE active healthy lifestyles. There are over 33,000 studies of the benefits in exercise, with this staggering evidence it would be silly not to implement this idea into our daily lifestyle-- exercise is vital for physical, mental, and emotional health. So lets get our kids moving!


In 2008, The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, recommended that students get at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. After this recommendation came out, schools have made a slight improvement from 16% to 33% of students getting adequate exercise. Kidsfit wants to make this statistic 100%!

 With Kinesthetic Classroom, class time is not cut short, students grades improve, the classroom runs more smoothly, students mood/mental health improve, all while the child's physical health is improving. This is a win-win for all involved. We are excited to work with you to transform the classroom for the benefit of our children and their future! 


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Want to Propose this to your school? Use a donated proposal below to help you get started!

Klien Education Foundation- Lead The Spark Grant------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Short Sample Kinesthetic Classroom Proposal by Stacey Shoecraft --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Kyrene School District PE Grant by Leslie DeRuiter -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Kyrene School District PEP Grant Won in 2004 --- Written by L. Deruiter --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Kinesthetic Classroom Grant donated by Rachel Jones, Chagrin Schools -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

East Brunswick Schools Grant -- Won in 2015, Written by Susan Mizerak-------------------------------------------------------------------------

Waterloo Schools Foundation - Tonya Ryan ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Submit your grant proposal and receive a free gift! Kidsfit is offering a free set of Reading Balance Boards and a Complete Kinesthetic Classroom Poster Set for teachers who are willing to donate their proposal, to help others!


-Proposal must have been written for active seating in the classroom
-Grant must have been awarded afer 2012
-Proposal must include scientific research behind the concept of movement and learning in the classroom