Fit Cart


kit kart resistance bandkit kart

 3 balance balls to stand on (Inflatable half dome rests on circular frame) (24x24x5)
 3 resistance bands
 3 jump ropes (Assorted colors)
 3 juggle stations (This is 7 scarves total- 3 per station)
 3 rainbow cones with drill cards
 3 balance balls to sit on (6 ft circum. 2 ft HT)
 3 reading balance boards (16x16x3)
 1 Set of Active/Motivational/Fitness Posters (3 Total)
 1 Set of Kinesthetic Learning Posters (3 Total) 
 1 Kart (Pictured Above)



  • Increases core stabilization.
  • Engages upper and lower body to improve coordinated movements.
  • Improves communication between the brain and the muscles.