Sample Elementary Fitness Program

Here is a sample Elementary fitness program that is being used throughout the country. This simple, yet purpose-filled, 45 minute exercise program can be used with a small or large circuit of cardio equipment. If need be, you can take the general theme of the workout and modify it to utilize the equipment or calisthenic events as requires! Write to us and hare one of your most effective sample work out programs.

Name of the Activity: Steady Eddy Cardio Workout

Total Lesson length: 45 Minutes

Warm Up: 5 Minutes

Cool Down: 5 Minutes

Lesson Activity: 30 Minutes

Wrap Up/ Assessment: 5 Minutes

Purpose of Activity: A fun fitness activity utilizing steady state exercise and the Kidsfit Cardio Kids Equipment.

Lesson Introduction: Discuss the concept of "steady state" cardiovascular exercise and its benefits to the heart and lung system (cardiorespiratory). Discuss goal of work up to 15-30 minutes of continuous steady state exercise.

Benefits: Strengthens heart/lungs; burns calories; improves fitness level; increases endurance

Suggested Age Level: 7-12 year olds 

Materials Needed: Kidsfit Cardio Kids Equipment 

Description of Activity: Assign participants to a piece of Kidsfit Cardio Kids equipment. Tell the youth to imagine they are like the "Energizer Bunny" (i.e. not stopping, going on and on) and must work at a moderate pace so as not to wear themselves out. This type of steady state exercise will increase their muscle strength as well as their heart/lung endurance. Increased endurance will help them play longer at the park or playground.

Wrap Up Assessment: After the cool down, have participants sit in a circle and discuss what they liked best about todays's workout activity. Ask the students to name one benefit for doing steady state exercise. (i.e. running a race, playing soccer, etc.)