KC-37 Two Person Pedal Desk


Product Benefits & Details

  • The simple, resistance free, motion is bulletproof and designed to meet the demands of continuous daily use! The Pedal Desk is manufactured with extremely simple turn and twist seat and table adjustments. It comes with a one-piece welded pedal crank system. The mechanism is built to be extremely user friendly, using only 2 bolts!
  • Great for teachers that want focused alert and engaged students!

  • The simple resistance free motion offers students the freedom to go at their own pace while engaging the leg muscles, lower back and core.
    Adjustable gel seat and back support reinforce postural alignment and comfort.

  • Optional pivoting arm with Ipad/Nook/kindle is available as an add-on feature.

  • Super comfortable gel seat with back support requires user activation of the lower body muscles to initiate motion. Has the potential to elevate heart rate. Children are fully protected from all moving parts by side cover guards. Kid-powered-no external power required. Enhances teamwork. Increases attention span. Promotes peer interaction and socialization.

  • Watch the pedal desk in action here

Manufacturing Details:

-Height of table is adjustable and can range from 35" to 45" tall to fit various users.
-Target Age Range: Ages 5- 18 years old
-Dimensions: L 56 x W 40 x H 35-45"
-This product ships fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box! 
-Product weight: 120lbs. 
-Adjustability: Tabletop and seat height are adjustable. 
-Made in the USA at our manufacturing facility in Huger, SC.
-Steel, powder-coated frame with commercial grade laminate tabletop.

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